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How to Secure the Best VA Home Loan

1. Enhance Your Credit Score:
Just as you maintain your automobile, maintaining a strong credit score is crucial. Pay bills on time and reduce debt to secure better rates.

2. Find the Best Mortgage Broker:
The Mortgage broker can make or break your loan.  Hos or her firsthand experience and dedication to serving fellow veterans make him the ideal choice for securing the best VA home loan terms.

3. Understand Your Loan Options:
Just as you adapt your workout routine with age, adapt your loan product, term, rate and fee’s to your needs. Sam Gorniak of Mettle Mortgage offers personalized VA loan options tailored to each Veteran.

4. Simplify the Process:
Like simplifying your life after the military, simplifying the mortgage process is essential for keeping things easy and stress-free.

5. Expert Guidance:
Just as you seek expert advice for buying a home, rely on VA Home Loan Expert (preferably a Military Veteran) to guide you through securing the best VA home loan, ensuring you get the benefits you deserve.

Sam Gorniak is a prior Senior Chief in the Navy and he has handled hundreds of VA Home Loans.  Plus, he currently has a VA home loan on his Florida Home.  His goal it to secure you a VA home loan with the Best Rate and lowest fees. 

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Is there a veteran who hasn’t dreamt of owning a home with ease and confidence?

The whole idea behind Mettle Mortgage is simplicity and support. Veterans shouldn’t have to navigate a complex maze of mortgage options—especially after serving our country.

You should be able to secure a home loan effortlessly, focusing on the best terms that honor your service. That’s why Sam Gorniak, a military veteran himself, joined Mettle Mortgage. His firsthand experience and dedication help streamline the process, making it accessible and straightforward.

Mettle Mortgage is leading a revolution in home financing for veterans. While other lenders offer various mortgage products, Mettle Mortgage specializes in VA home loans, ensuring our heroes receive the recognition and benefits they deserve. We believe veterans deserve the best, and we are not the only ones who think so.

At Mettle Mortgage! we believe that simplicity is key, especially for veterans. Led by military veteran Sam Gorniak, we offer straightforward, tailored VA home loan solutions to make homeownership accessible and stress-free for those who have served.

Available through Mettle Mortgage, our streamlined services and expert guidance can replace the complexities of traditional mortgage processes, ensuring you secure the best home loan terms with ease and confidence.

Sam Gorniak, a military veteran, brings his unique insight and dedication to Mettle Mortgage. With his extensive experience and understanding of veterans’ needs, Sam focuses on simplifying the VA home loan process to make homeownership accessible for those who have served our country.

“The biggest mistake veterans make when applying for a home loan is not exploring all available benefits,” Sam says. “Understanding and utilizing VA loan advantages can make a significant difference in securing the best rates and terms.”


Before joining Mettle Mortgage, Sam had a distinguished military career, where he developed a deep commitment to helping fellow veterans. His passion for service led him to specialize in VA home loans, ensuring veterans receive the recognition and benefits they deserve.

Sam’s dedication to veterans extends beyond his professional life. He has spent years advocating for veteran rights and benefits, drawing on his own experiences to provide unparalleled support and guidance.

At Mettle Mortgage, Sam’s legacy of service continues. His expertise and personal commitment ensure that every veteran client receives the best possible home loan experience. Today, Mettle Mortgage, led by Sam Gorniak, is proud to help veterans achieve their homeownership dreams, honoring their service with the care and respect they deserve.

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I cant express the gratitude that I have towards Sam Gorniak and his team during the whole home purchase experience. Sam’s experience and dedication was above and beyond what I was expecting and made the whole process actually enjoyable. The whole home purchasing process can be overwhelming and frustrating at times but when you have someone in your corner who feels like your friend and is there for you every step of the way it makes a memorable experience. CME Lending Group LLC and Sam Gorniak are the best of the best hands down!
Matt M
I can’t say enough about Sam and CME lending! We reached out to do a refinance and unlike a few other companies Sam was truely interested in helping us find the best rate possible and made us feel like his number 1 priority through the whole process! Not only did Sam and this team deliver on everything they promised but they also made us feel like family. Sam made the process so easy and was there for us any time we had a question. It couldn’t have gone any smoother and I couldn’t be happier! They where great to work with and I will definitely recommend them to everyone I know. Because of their help and knowledge of the business we saved alot of money on our monthly mortgage and had a wonder experience!
Brit M
A Very Smooth Buying Experience!!! Sam committed to closing our deal on a specific date and delivered. We were relocating from NY to FLA, there were many moving pieces and a lot of pressure/anxiety. Sam kept us on track and delivered on time. We could not have been happier.
Steve D

All Mettle Mortgage services are designed with the utmost care for our veterans and their families. We prioritize making the VA home loan process safe, straightforward, and beneficial for you. That’s why we focus on transparency, personalized guidance, and dedication to serving those who served our country.

Everyone’s financial situation is unique. If you encounter any issues or have questions, please reach out to our team for support and assistance.

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